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In 1925, Bob Gibson served barbecue from a makeshift table made of oak planks nailed to a large sycamore tree in his backyard. Fresh out of his hand-dug pit came smoke and smells that drew people from miles away. With a 6’ 4” frame and weighing close to 300 pounds, his stature and charismatic personality made him a well know figure in the area. His “never met a stranger” attitude endeared him to everyone he came across, and to one and all he was known as Big Bob.

Big Bob Gibson started a family barbecue restaurant tradition that has lasted has lasted over 80 years and 4 generations. During these years our family has developed a passion for Real BBQ and the unique culture that surrounds it. This devotion is what has made us successful at our restaurants, in our competition cooking, and with our line of Championship Sauces. We hope you will be able to join our family and share in our continued journey to offer only the best barbecue in the world to our customers.

Below is a questionnaire that is always the initial step in doing any franchise. Please keep in mind that the figures discussed in this document are based on purchasing property and ownership of the building. Building lease would obviously affect the cost dramatically. This is also figured on a full service restaurant with wait staff as opposed to fast casual restaurant which would reduce the cost further. Our team can analyze both types of restaurants and make a mutual decision on the best type to pursue based on location and/or preexisting building layout.

We are excited about our future with you!

Big Bob Gibson BBQ Franchise Questionaire

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